Periodic assessment of electrical grounding systems

On January 23, 2002, all employers were obliged to request and have periodic and extraordinary checks carried out for: electrical grounding systems; installations and devices for protection against atmospheric discharges; electrical systems in places with the danger of explosion.
In case of failure to verify the systems, the employer is responsible, since to carry out the verification it is sufficient to request it from an Authorized Body (which has sufficient staff to carry out the verifications).

The frequency of the aforementioned checks (two or five years) depends on the type of system.
The earthing systems and the protective devices against atmospheric discharges must be checked every:

  • two years on construction sites and in places at greatest risk in the event of fire or explosion (eg. activities subject to the Fire Prevention Certificate);
  • five years in the other cases.

Presidential Decree 462/01 applies not only to new plants but also to existing ones. In particular, for plants already reported, it is necessary to request a periodic check if more than 2/5 years have passed since the report.
The consequences that the employer may face in the event of failure to verify are civil and criminal liability if an accident occurs on the system, following failure to verify; criminal sanctions, in the event of control by the public supervisory authorities.
ASACERT undertakes to defend the employer in case of disputes.

Verification Request

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