Property Due Diligence

Property Due Diligence is a technical verification activity consisting in a 360-degree assessment of the state of a property or real estate assets, highlighting:

  • urban, environmental and cadastral compliance
  • the possible presence of territorial constraints (environmental, monumental, infrastructural or landscape), mortgages or easements
  • the conditions of the structure and systems, including aspects related to safety standards and anti-seismic standards

The value of this activity is particularly evident in real estate transactions, where the Parties need to know the right value of the asset, its possible compliance with current regulations and destination requirements, for an exact assessment of the risks involved in the investment.

Furthermore, the transparency and reliability of a Due Diligence on the state of a Property are also valuable elements for the normal management of an asset and for those who have to decide, in the short or long term, the best opportunities for its exploitation.

The advantages

  • Knowledge of the state of the asset, transparency of the investment
  • Analysis of criticalities and peculiarities for a cautious definition of the methods of use
  • Evaluation of the interventions necessary for a correct estimate of the times
  • Risk analysis, investment reliability

The Phases

Urban planning assessment

This assessment is based on the examination of the town planning documentation (Master Plan, town planning destination, regional and national laws in force) and the project feasibility study. The assessment typically involves undeveloped land and is the basis for undertaking a correct investment.

Environmental assessment

The verification is based on the examination of the environmental documentation (including Certificates and authorizations issued by the Competent Authorities) and the visual verification of the state of the Property in order to assess compliance with the legal requirements in the environmental field.
In addition, a sample examination of the soil is carried out. This analysis is the basis for taking the correct and effective actions aimed at solving environmental problems and minimizing the risk, in compliance with mandatory laws.

Electrical and mechanical systems assessment

The verification is based on the examination of the design documentation and the visual verification of the state of the electrical, mechanical, fire-fighting systems and lifting devices, in accordance with the applicable regulations in force. In addition, a sample test is carried out on correct functioning.

Structural assessment

The structural technical assessment of the state of the property is based on the examination of the project documentation, “as built”, and the visual verification to detect any anomalies of the properties subject to verification.