Project and technical monitoring

Every operation of construction, management, acquisition and sale of a property, or asset, has as its cornerstone the correct knowledge of all the characteristics of the property itself, be they physical or related to regulatory provisions.

ASACERT offers complete professional services to investors, companies or asset managers, providing integrated technical assessments of a work, which take into consideration the design, urban-environmental, accounting, structural, plant-engineering and maintenance points of view.
This assessment activity is fundamental in the context of real estate sales transactions, where investors need to know with certainty whether the goods purchased comply with the regulations in force and with the requirements for use, for an exact assessment of the risks involved in their investment.
In addition to the economic return on the investments made, the transparency and reliability of a Technical Monitoring activity on the status of a property are indispensable characteristics for the correct management of the property itself and for those who must decide, in the short or long term, the best opportunities for exploitation.

The monitoring activity carried out by ASACERT is a technical assessment, aimed at detecting anomalies and critical issues affecting the design and construction of the work, and identifying the causes, which may compromise the use and stability of the work itself.

The benefits if this activity are:

  • knowledge of the property status, transparency of the investment;
  • analysis of critical issues and peculiarities for a correct definition of the methods of use;
  • impartial evaluation of the interventions necessary for a correct estimate of the execution times;
  • risk analysis, reliability of the Investment;
  • interdisciplinary and in-depth knowledge, competence and long experience in inspection and assessment activities, which ASACERT can offer, as a third and independent Inspection Body.

The Project and Technical Monitoring Service of ASACERT is carried out according to the following phases:

Design Phase

This phase is carried out by verifying the documentation provided by the customer and / or found at the competent institutions with the purpose to ascertain the compliance with the legislation in force and to identify any documentary deficiencies, with reference to the authorization documents established by the legislation.

Executive Phase

This phase is carried out through on-site inspections of the work, to ascertain compliance with the legislation in force, the technical and design specifications, the work program and the rules of good technical execution, and to identify any critical issues with respect of building standards and structural and plant requirements.