Construction noise assessment

Civil and industrial building works must be designed and built in such a way that the noise to which the occupants and people located in the vicinity are subjected is maintained at levels that do not harm their health and such as to guarantee acoustically adequate environments characterized by low noise and good acoustic insulation for living comfort, for the usability of the spaces and for the productivity of the occupants.
The protection of the external environment and the living environment from noise pollution is not only a legislative obligation but also represents a common goal of buyers, builders and insurers.
For this reason, it is essential to carry out an evaluation and control activity to verify compliance of the requirements and performance of the building and its parts with the provisions of current legislation based on their intended use, the adequacy of the choices projects carried out and compliance of the work with good executive technique.

ASACERT offers a specialized acoustic assessment service for civil and industrial engineering works.

The advantages

The advantages associated with this service are:

  • impartial evaluation of the project and investment
  • guarantee of functionality of the work
  • greater protection from risk (administrative sanctions, customer dissatisfaction, unlivability)
  • in-depth interdisciplinary knowledge, competence and long experience in inspection and verification activities, as an independent third party Inspection Body.

ASACERT construction noise assessment service takes place according to the following phases:

  • Technical support during the design phase for the identification of the optimal acoustic requirements according to the intended use of the building
  • Verification of compliance with current legislation on noise pollution and technical legislation on sound insulation
  • Checks during construction, which include checks to ensure the correct implementation of the technical and technological solutions provided for in the design phase for the best acoustic performance of the work
  • Issue of Inspection Reports, containing the analysis of critical issues and anomalies, as support for the preparation of a correct repair plan, to be made by the Client
  • Acoustic testing on site at the end of the works