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San Vigilio 1, Milan


The company SERCOS SERVIZI COSTRUZIONI S.p.A., operating in the field of building services and real estate design, has entrusted ASACERT with the task of carrying out the in-progress technical inspection service at the construction site on the redevelopment of a complex of about 12 thousand square meters. San Vigilio 1 is a building with excellent visibility, located in the southern part of Milan, a short walk from the Famagosta stop of the M2.

The complex bears the imprint of Giò Ponti: designed in 1972, it consists of two buildings: A (upper body) and B (lower body). Building A is a ten-story above-ground tower for office use and a basement for archives and services, which is directly connected to the conference center.

Building B, on the other hand, consists of two floors above ground: the ground floor is for commercial activities, while the second floor houses offices.

The recent redevelopment of the property at 1 San Vigilio St., has focused on environmental sustainability: with new facilities, facades, and architectural enhancement underway, the client is aiming to achieve LEED certification for energy efficiency.


The in-progress technical inspection has been carried out by ASACERT’s Inspection Group, consisting of technical experts with many years of experience in inspections of the design and execution of residential, commercial and industrial construction works, will aim to verify the conditions of commissioning by the company and the conformity of the work with the project.

Specifically, inspection activities will be carried out on the requirements for stability and mechanical strength of structural elements, understood as prevention of collapse and severe. Durability, maintainability, and useful life of the building envelope, roof waterproofing, interior flooring and siding, and exterior plaster and cladding will also be checked.

At the end of the inspection activities ASACERT will be able to express an opinion on what has been analyzed through the issuance of the regular Final Inspection Report.