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ASACERT's commitment to Sustainability

“We will achieve sustainability if we are able to safeguard the rights of the last, the neglected, the defenseless. In short, we will achieve Sustainability if we are able to safeguard people before things, before any economic balance sheet."
Fabrizio Capaccioli


The many years of experience gained in the various sectors of intervention allows on the one hand to offer immediate and specialized responses, and on the other to develop complex and transversal services. ASACERT has obtained the "Business Leadership in Sustainability” recognition for 2022. The members of the Green Building Council Italia award this award to companies that have made sustainability (social, economic and environmental) a central element of their business model and who actively contribute to the transition towards a sustainable building environment.


Le PMI today have the obligation to report their actions towards denvironment and human capital. A corporate social responsibility necessary to align with standards European and global but also to ensure the execution of the works in accordance with established criteria. Through our services dedicated to sustainability, we offer an approach integrated which combines innovation, efficiency, awareness and social responsibility , attesting it for each company reality. Each of our services is designed to enable organizations achieve goals ESG amplifying excellence. Discover how ASACERT is redefining sustainability standards through services innovative and reliable.


ASACERT's commitment to sustainability is now consolidated, but we know how important it is that more and more companies actively participate in the adoption of sustainable behaviors and initiatives, to improve the quality of community life. Commitment also confirmed by the constant annual participation of ASACERT in the CSR Exhibition, convinced of the urgency of building a sustainable and solid future and well-being for all, without distinctions of latitude and spending capacity.

Model 231


ASACERT supports actions in favor of: bioeconomy, sustainable finance, energy-environmental protocols in construction, principles of ethical, public and private responsibility, new definitions of the value of products and services, for sharing the guidelines proposed by the International Community, associations and startups more sensitive to the issues of sustainability and circularity. The circular economy, enhanced by technological innovation, is a strategic driver capable of encouraging the affirmation of new business models, more efficient and sustainable, to overcome the traditional linearity of processes and move to a circular, cyclical, sustainable, durable configuration of the economy. All together we can do a lot to encourage the circular transition of the reference supply chains, strengthening the competitiveness of the Italian system also in the international context.

Sustainable Milan

Milano Sostenibile is the ASACERT format dedicated to the world of sustainability. An open, inclusive and aggregating container, where Associations, Civil Society and Institutions find space, called to make their contribution so that the Milan Model continues to strengthen its strategic role as a resilient and sustainable guide for the entire country. We involve excellent guests, with the aim of addressing the theme of urban regeneration, sustainability in construction, in a network where the green theme is the driving force of change.


The relationship between man and water is profound and inextricable. Sailing is not just planning because instinct also plays an important component. Even in sailing, as in business, there are decisions to be made very quickly, problem solving skills are needed, emotions, doubts, fears must be managed and the natural elements must be governed. A collaboration with the Circolo Vela Bellano which has always had deep roots in the values of sustainability and innovation, demonstrating how important it is go beyond simple financial support when deciding to sponsor a team. The example provided by ASACERT shows how sponsorship becomes an opportunity to share a philosophy of life, a passion and a common goal, such as that of "sustainability".


ASACERT is a company founded on the skills of professionals and sector experts who, before being such, are people. Women and men, who by being mothers, fathers and children, create value every day and represent the most important asset on which all company activities are centered. We try to reread the relationship between individual and work, between person and context, certain that competence is a value and that thanks to one's experience it represents a unique asset to be safeguarded and cultivated, to generate what in ASACERT is called the " continuous improvement”.